Jack is the most amazing child facilitator ever! He has worked with my son for over 4 years and he's one of our favourite people!



- Ginny, London UK

See Jack & The Son-Rise Program® in Action!


In this clip, notice how Jack uses Antony’s motivation for telling the time to inspire Antony to play with him. Jack uses The Son-Rise Program® technique of the 3Es (Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm) in a variety of ways to make himself funny and entertaining for Antony. When Antony’s motivation changes to saying “Eat", Jack changes the interaction so that Antony is still motivated to play with him.

In the Son-Rise Program, we joyfully celebrate all of our children's attempts to participate - notice how Jack consistently celebrates Antony throughout the clip. Using The Son-Rise Program ABC Model, Jack also bonds with Antony by joining in with Antony's brief exclusive activities (such as looking at the paper on the table, and flapping two cards).


In this clip, Jack starts by bonding with Yash using The Son-Rise Program® technique of Joining in Yash's "ism" (an exclusive and repetitious activity). In The Son-Rise Program, we only challenge our children when they give us Green Lights for interaction, which Yash gives by asking Jack for a foot massage.

Notice how Jack uses The Son-Rise Program 3E's (Energy, Excitement, and Enthusiasm) to celebrate Yash, and to indirectly challenge Yash to keep playing with him. As Yash continues to give Jack Green Lights for interaction, Jack uses The Son-Rise Program Direct-Challenging techniques to help Yash use longer sentences (for example, Jack gives Yash long pauses to process and attempt each Direct Challenge). See how successful Yash is at mastering this longer sentence!


This is a short documentary featuring a family running The Son-Rise Program® for their autistic twins. In it, you will see the parents' journey towards deeper acceptance and understanding of their sons, The Son-Rise Program playrooms they set up for them, as well as seeing some of Jack's work with these sweet boys. This documentary beautifully captures the heart and the optimism of The Son-Rise Program.

Jack Mason-Goodall

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"Jack really picked up the issues with Pranav within a day of our outreach. I find him very intuitive and specific in his game ideas and goals which really helped us fast track our program and gave us a lot of zeal and hope to help our son. I would highly recommend him to everyone."
   - P. Kamath // India  Child's Name: Pranav / 7 years old / Diagnosis - Autism

"To love is to be happy with."
- Barry Neil Kaufman

CEO/Co-Founder The Son-Rise Program® & Autism Treatment Center of America®

Author of Happiness is a Choice & Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues