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I have been passionate about working with special children and adults since I was 14, when I started volunteering with a local charity providing Art, Music, Drama and Dance therapy for adults with special needs. Having trained in Musical Theatre since I was 8, I loved being able to bring all my experience acting, singing, and dancing to be able to help people connect and communicate in new and meaningful ways.

While studying for my degree in Psychology, I began volunteering in my first Son-Rise Program® with an amazing boy called Tom. This was a life-changing experience - I was profoundly touched by the respect and love of The Son-Rise Program and was amazed to see Tom's incredible progress. After I graduated, I spent another two years volunteering in nine different Son-Rise Programs and in 2007 I was given the life-changing opportunity to live with a family for a year, helping them to run their Son-Rise Program.

In 2008 I moved to the USA to complete my professional Child Facilitator training and have been based back in the UK since 2010 where it is my delight to work with and support so many incredible families. I regularly return to the Autism Treatment Center of America® to continue developing my own skills, and to deepen my ability to hold a loving, non-judgmental attitude. I also participate in long-distance training to add to the services I provide for families around the world.

This work truly is my passion. To see children reach out and connect joyfully for the first time; to see families open up and find new, powerful ways to love and interact with each other; to be part of a child’s journey towards communication and friendship - I can’t think of a better way to be spending my life.


With joy and gratitude to all the amazing families I have worked with,


Jack's Professional Trainings

2017 - Qualified as a Yoga Teacher & Spiritual Development Teacher, 200-hr Yoga Training

2013 - Licensed as a Son-Rise Program® Volunteer Trainer

2010 - Licensed as a Son-Rise Program® Child Facilitator

2006 - Graduated with BSc. (Hons.) in Psychology from the University of Birmingham

2003 - Professional Diploma in Classical Singing and Performance from Guildhall School of Music

"Jack spent two days with my son Colin. He helped Colin do things we would never have thought he could do. He gives us so many ideas and the confidence to try them out. It moved our program so much and helped my son hugely!"
   - Paula // United Kingdom. Child's Name: Colin / 24 years old / Diagnosis - Autism

Jack Mason-Goodall

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"Jack really picked up the issues with Pranav within a day of our outreach. I find him very intuitive and specific in his game ideas and goals which really helped us fast track our program and gave us a lot of zeal and hope to help our son. I would highly recommend him to everyone."
   - P. Kamath // India  Child's Name: Pranav / 7 years old / Diagnosis - Autism

"To love is to be happy with."
- Barry Neil Kaufman

CEO/Co-Founder The Son-Rise Program® & Autism Treatment Center of America®

Author of Happiness is a Choice & Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues