Son-Rise Program

Child Facilitator & Volunteer Trainer

Son-Rise Program, Child Facilitator & Volunteer Trainer

Travel & Additional Information


Cost of travel to and from your home, plus transport to and from accommodation if necessary.



Jack charges €10/hour of travel time, when travel time exceeds one hour.


Jack travels from Finsbury Park, Zone 2 in London.



Lunch - Provided on site by parents. Please note that Jack is vegetarian and does not eat raw tomatoes. Thank you!

Hotel - Required if your family is based more than two hours away from Finsbury Park in London (according to Transport for London and National Rail time tables). If a hotel is required, the cost of the hotel plus dinner/breakfast will be added to the invoice. Dinner will be up to €20 (max) and breakfast will be up to €10 (max) if not included in the cost of the hotel.


Please note - Jack requests that the hotel has en suite facilities and in-room internet access. Thank you.



After completion of the outreach, you will receive an invoice email. Please pay the full amount within three days through a bank account. If you are unable to do this, please contact Jack so you can arrange another payment method.



If you cancel the outreach more than a week in advance, there will be no cost to you. If you cancel the outreach within a week before the scheduled date, Jack will try his best to rebook with another family, or move your outreach to another day within the week. If Jack is unable to fill the day or move your outreach, 40% of the invoice cost of the outreach, minus travel time/cost will be charged to you, plus any costs already incurred (e.g. hotel/booked trains).

Jack Mason-Goodall

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"Jack really picked up the issues with Pranav within a day of our outreach. I find him very intuitive and specific in his game ideas and goals which really helped us fast track our program and gave us a lot of zeal and hope to help our son. I would highly recommend him to everyone."
   - P. Kamath // India  Child's Name: Pranav / 7 years old / Diagnosis - Autism

"To love is to be happy with."
- Barry Neil Kaufman

CEO/Co-Founder The Son-Rise Program® & Autism Treatment Center of America®

Author of Happiness is a Choice & Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues