Privacy Policy

What type of personal information do I collect?

In order to be able to send you individualised, relevant information about booking the Son-Rise Program® services that I provide, I keep personal records of all the families that I work with. These records are:

1. Your email address, home address, contact telephone numbers, your child’s name, age and diagnosis.

2. The dates of services that I have provided to you, the type of service that I have provided to you, and any other official Son-Rise Program® training courses that you have attended.

3. Notes summarising the content of the services that I have provided to you.


How is this information stored?

This information is held on a password protected file on my personal computer, which is itself password protected. For purposes of scheduling my services, this information is shared with my assistant in a password protected format. Any other devices that I use to access this information (my iPad and iPhone) are password protected. Information is also backed up on an external harddrive which is password protected.


Where clients contact me via my website (, their email address is also stored by my web hosting platform, This information is stored on secure servers behind a firewall.


How do I use this personal information?


My assistant and I will only ever use your personal information to contact you regarding supporting you in running your Son-Rise Program®. This will be within the scope and legal basis of Legitimate Interest (i.e. if you have contacted me, I will use your personal information to help you access my services):

1. Personalised emails/phone calls/text messages to assist you in booking my services.

2. Occasional group emails to let you know my availability to work with you.

3. At some point in the future I may send you newsletters discussing my work and offering inspiring stories of families I have worked with (which will be anonymised).



Do I share this personal information with anybody?


Your information is shared with my assistant in a password protected format so that they can assist you in scheduling Son-Rise Program® services with me.


As a licensed provider of The Son-Rise Program®, I am contractually obligated to share the above information with the Autism Treatment Center of America® (my licensing body). They use this information to be able to:


1. Monitor how many Son-Rise Program® services I provide per year.

2. To keep up to date with which services you are using for support in running your Son-Rise Programs®, so that they can offer you the best level of support and guidance in accessing their services.


All personal information held by the Autism Treatment Center of America® is held on password protected computers compliant with legal confidentiality requirements in the state of Massachusetts, USA.


If you inform me that you are no longer running a Son-Rise Program®, then I will pass this information on to the Autism Treatment Center of America®, so that they can also update the way in which they communicate with you. If you wish to be removed from their mailing list, you will need to contact them directly.


(Please note that I am not legally an employee of the Autism Treatment Center of America®, and so am not responsible for their communications with you.)


As it is a requirement for you at have attended a training program offered by the Autism Treatment Center of America® before starting to use my services, I will always get explicit permission from a brand new client to share their information with the Autism Treatment Center of America® upon first contact, so that they can be offered assistance in attending a training program. Refusal of this permission is understood to mean that the client does not currently want to attend one of Autism Treatment Center of America®’s training programs, and so will also not be able to use my services until they have done so.


Does this website use cookies?


Like many websites, my website uses cookies (small pieces of data stored on a site visitor's browser, usually used to keep track of their movements and actions on a site) to help make the site work the best for you. You can view the cookies that are used on my website here:

The information stored and collected by these cookies is not personally identifiable to you.


Your consent: Reading this Privacy Policy and/or contacting me via my website gives implied consent for the storage and use of your personal information as listed above on the on the legal basis of Legitimate Interest.


If you decide to remove your consent to any part of how I store and use your personal information, please contact me directly at and I will destroy all of your information on my storage platforms.


Please be aware that the policies above are defined by the requirements of my licensing contract with the Autism Treatment Center of America®, so that if you remove permission to share your personal information with the Autism Treatment Center of America®, this will mean that I am no longer able to provide Son-Rise Program® services to you.


If you have any questions about any of the policies listed above, please contact me directly at

Jack Mason-Goodall

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