Son-Rise Program

Child Facilitator & Volunteer Trainer

Son-Rise Program, Child Facilitator & Volunteer Trainer

What Services Options does Jack Provide?

After years of working with families, I have seen that certain programs get the most immediate and lasting results for children and their parents.


With that in mind, I have put together the following three Program Options for you. Find out more by evaluating the service options below.

"Maximum Results" Program

I come to you for a life-changing, customised experience that will guide you and your team. Feel nourished, inspired, and supported along your journey.

This gold standard package is for families who are running a full-time program with their child (with a Support Team) and who are dedicated to doing what they can to reach their fullest potential. You must be willing to no longer go it alone, to dive in deep, and to have a professional by your side to help create profound changes for everybody.

"Nourishing Support" Program

I come to you for an invigorating and inspiring experience that will guide you step-by-step into deeper connection with your child and rapid positive growth for your family.

This is for families who know that regular support from an experienced professional yields the most amazing results for your Son-Rise Program®. We will work together regularly to find fun and creative methods to inspire your child to grow, to create a profoundly effective Support Team, and to demonstrate the most effective ways to apply The Son-Rise Program® for your child.

"Creative Solutions" Program

This is the option for families who want to boost the creativity and effectiveness of their Son-Rise Program® playroom time!

I will work with you online in a variety of ways: I can train your Support Team, consult on specific topics, and give you lots of fun, creative ideas and games customised for your child, to help them achieve their program goals!

Take this chance to work regularly with a professional who will be cheering for you and your child, and who believes in your family's highest potential.

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I know the importance of you feeling comfortable with me as a team member in your family. It is equally important for me to determine if I am the proper fit for your family's needs. Therefore, I offer a free online consultation dedicated to meeting each other, learning about your family's needs, and clarifying which service options would be the most successful for you.

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One-Off Sessions

Feeling confident about moving forward with Jack but want to book a one-off session to try out working together?


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£85 = one hour introductory session

Jack Mason-Goodall

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"Jack really picked up the issues with Pranav within a day of our outreach. I find him very intuitive and specific in his game ideas and goals which really helped us fast track our program and gave us a lot of zeal and hope to help our son. I would highly recommend him to everyone."
   - P. Kamath // India  Child's Name: Pranav / 7 years old / Diagnosis - Autism

"To love is to be happy with."
- Barry Neil Kaufman

CEO/Co-Founder The Son-Rise Program® & Autism Treatment Center of America®

Author of Happiness is a Choice & Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues