"This work truly is my passion. To see children reach out and connect joyfully for the first time; to see families open up and find new, powerful ways to love and interact with each other; to be part of a child’s journey towards communication and friendship - I can’t think of a better way to be spending my life," - Jack

We have known Jack for over 9 years and he has been an integral part of Tom’s Son-Rise Program®, first as a volunteer and later as a trained Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator. Jack is simply gifted: he has brought music, drama, humour, enthusiasm, love and more importantly belief in Tom, and for this we are eternally grateful.  Tom is now a happy, engaged, chatty teenager who is just enjoying life and Jack has played a huge part in the changes Tom has made over the years.  We cannot recommend Jack highly enough to families.

Jackie Sherlock // Solihull, UK

Child's Name: Tom / 13 years old / Diagnosis - ASD

Our whole family and my volunteers love Jack. We have had two outreaches, several Activity Brainstorming Sessions and Volunteer Feedback Sessions via Skype with him. He is the most caring, non-judgmental person I've ever met. During our first outreach, Jack chose the goal of teaching my son to point. We worked with him using the techniques that Jack taught us. And...ta da!

By the time we had our second outreach, our son could point!! What a sense of power that gave him!! He enjoyed sending us running here and there at his beck and call. Thanks to Jack and The Son-Rise Program®...for choosing the right goal, and giving us the tools to reach there.

Mrs Madhu // India

Jack spent two days with my son Colin. He helped Colin do things we would never have thought he could do. His question and answer time was fantastic: he give us so many ideas and the confidence to try them out. It moved our program on so much, and helped my son hugely!

Paula Aitken // North Shields, UK

Child's Name: Colin / 24 years old / Diagnosis - Autism

Jack is the most amazing child facilitator ever!   He has worked with my son for over 4 years and we always really look forward to his outreaches.  He's super loving, enthusiastic and perceptive. In the last year Jack has also trained and given feedback to our volunteers.  He always manages to help them uncover any attitudinal issues that might be holding the volunteers back, and does amazing dialogues with them to help them do an even better job in the playroom. Jack is one of our favourite people ever!!!

Ginny // London, UK

Child's Name: Giovanni / 13 years old / Diagnosis - Autism

Jack is amazing - fun, loving, non-judgmental, warm, effective and inspiring! At our very first outreach, Antony spontaneously went and sat next to Jack. This was a clear sign to me that Antony felt accepted, trusting and excited to become friends with this guy.  Fast-forward 3.5 years .... to the incredible moment when they played together for a whole hour, a time full of laughter and smiles. I am grateful to Jack for all his continuing support to my family and for helping our volunteers through individual feedbacks and group activities to be more effective in the playroom.  I whole-heartedly recommend Jack to anyone looking for some love and inspiration!

Sharon // London, UK

Child's Name: Antony / 7 years old / Diagnosis - Autism

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Jack Mason-Goodall

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"Jack really picked up the issues with Pranav within a day of our outreach. I find him very intuitive and specific in his game ideas and goals which really helped us fast track our program and gave us a lot of zeal and hope to help our son. I would highly recommend him to everyone."
   - P. Kamath // India  Child's Name: Pranav / 7 years old / Diagnosis - Autism

"To love is to be happy with."
- Barry Neil Kaufman

CEO/Co-Founder The Son-Rise Program® & Autism Treatment Center of America®

Author of Happiness is a Choice & Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues